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The Ultimate Self-Talk Series!

Change Your Self-Talk ... Change Your Life!
Here’s How YOU Can Enjoy Happiness, Wealth,
Confidence, Love, Success, Health & MUCH More
- When You Discover the SECRETS of SELF-TALK!

Dear Friend __

There’s no doubt about it.

YOU can change your life, starting TODAY – from the inside out.


All of these things – and so much more – can be yours when you discover how to “reprogram” your brain, by changing the way you talk to yourself.

Imagine stumbling across a SECRET KEY that could genuinely UNLOCK the potential of your mind – and suddenly allow everything to fall into place.


How would that make you feel?

This website contains that secret key.

It’s a concept known as “SELF-TALK” – and, if you give this website just five minutes of your time, you’ll discover just how POWERFUL it can be.

READ ON – and get ready for amazing change.

The Ultimate Self-Talk Series is invaluable! There is no greater service you can do to elevate your self-esteem and improve the quality of every aspect of your life than to manage your negative self-talk.”
- Dr Joe Rubino, www.SelfEsteemSystem.com

I’ve Been Exposed to the BEST Self-Growth Methods Around
- And I Know That Changing Your “Self-Talk” is the Fastest, Most EFFECTIVE Method to Change Your Life - TODAY!

My name is Bradley Thompson – and welcome to this website!

I’m the author of over a dozen best-selling books on self-development, the man behind the world’s largest hypnosis website, Instant-Hypnosis, the creator of Binaural Beats, and the producer of the million-copy-download Subliminal Power software.

There’s no doubt about it. I’ve been exposed to almost EVERY powerful method of self-change available.

And yet throughout this, I’ve always known that ONE METHOD stands high above all the rest.

It’s so much at the CENTER of "everything self-development," most people simply ignore it as being irrelevant and pointless. It's too BASIC for most to even think about.

Yet by changing this part of your life, you can literally open yourself up to unlimited happiness, greater relationships, amazing health, and total abundance.

What is this secret key... this missing link?

Quite simply, it’s your SELF-TALK.

It’s the stuff your brain is playing over and over to itself, shaping how you act, and ultimately carving out your destiny.


Read on – and allow me to explain.

Discover PRECISELY How Your Brain Controls Your Life!
Here’s How Your “Self-Talk” Is Shaping Your Destiny -
And What YOU Can Do to Turn It ALL Around, TODAY!

The brain is a fascinating organ.

It consists of 100 billion neurons, transmits information at up to 268 miles an hour, and has two different halves, each dealing with different tasks, and different sides of the body.

Yes – the brain is one amazing organ.

But as a machine, the brain is actually pretty simple.

Basically, it just records and plays back.

You put information in. It plays it back. You put information in. It plays it back.

It’s simple.

And, like a computer, it is very easily programmed.

Since the day you were born, you’ve had all sorts of "programming" entering your brain. I'm talking about information and commands, either coming from yourself, or from the outside world (through your five senses).

This “programming” is known as your Self-Talk.

In other words, commands and programs that your brain has "recorded" – and which are played back, over and over. These are programs which have ultimately shaped your life – and they’re not always positive.

You know the type of Self-Talk I’m talking about.

The Self-Talk which says you just aren’t good enough. You can’t lose weight. You’re not worthy. You don’t deserve true love. You’ll never be a success.

The kind of Self-Talk that says you’re too stupid. You’re not lucky enough. You’ll never be that confident. Or achieve your greatest goals. Or be wonderfully healthy. Or find your own happiness.

And the WORST PART is that most people don’t even REALIZE that their self-talk is NEGATIVE!

You see, the brain doesn’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” commands. It simply accepts the Self-Talk and uses it to shape your ultimate destiny.

There’s not a doubt about it.

EVERYTHING you are today is the result of your SELF-TALK.

So, what does this all mean?

What you are today is the result of all of your self-talk from the past. When you change your self-talk, you change your life. The Ultimate Self-Talk Series is undoubtedly the best way to do that. Get these MP3s today!”
- Karl Moore,

Your Brain is a Computer & Your Programs Are BUGGY!
Here’s How YOU Can UPGRADE Your Brain Programs –
For Ultimate Success, Happiness, Love, Health & MORE!

Let’s make one thing very clear.

Self-Talk is the one thing that distinguishes the WINNERS from the LOSERS.

It’s as simple as that.

To become a winner, you must change your Self-Talk. You need to alter the negative inner-chatter that you might not even REALIZE is currently holding you back.

Let me explain it differently: Compare your mind to a computer.

So far, you’ve been running ineffective programs.

I mean, I bet your programs are still doing pretty good! I bet you’ve found some happiness, and your relationships are okay. And I suspect you’re more of a success than most people realize.

But you know somewhere inside that these “brain programs” could be BETTER.

Right now, they’re buggy. They crash often. They’re just not giving you the kind of results that you’re looking for.

So what do you do?

You upgrade to the next version of the program.

You upgrade your Self-Talk from being just “okay” – to being “FANTASTIC!”

How do you do that?

By inputting positive, brain-friendly Self-Talk into the brain – over and over again.

Remember, the brain is fantastic at recording new commands – and is flexible enough to quickly overwrite old material. Not only that, but it also adheres to the Law of Repetition.

That is, the more times something is done, the deeper ingrained it becomes.

You already know this from experience. Think about your walks in the park. Imagine you took a shortcut over the grass every single day. It wouldn’t take long for that shortcut to naturally turn into a small pathway... and then a fully-fledged walkway, would it?

It’s the same for the brain.

The more times you repeat your positive Self-Talk, the more it becomes part of YOU.

By changing your Self-Talk, you’re “upgrading” your software.

You’re becoming EVEN MORE of a WINNER.

Here’s How I First Discovered the SECRETS of Self-Talk!
Within Two Weeks, I Went from Mr Shy to CONFIDENCE+!
That Was 25 Years Ago – And I’ve Never Looked Back!

Self-Talk is probably the most POWERFUL concept in the whole of personal development.

And yet most people just don’t take the time out to really “get it.”

Now, I’ve helped develop dozens of best-selling self-help courses, currently distributed throughout the globe. And my self-development software sales are record-breaking.

Every single one of these products has a central, underlying theme.

The aim of EACH of my products is to simply CHANGE your SELF-TALK.

Let me tell you something.

About twenty-five years ago, I created my very first cassette tape - designed to reprogram my own “Self-Talk.”

Now, back then, I used to be an incredibly shy guy.

Confidence was a BIG problem for me. I’d stammer and stutter when speaking to almost anyone – and chatting with girls was a total no-go-zone.  Whenever I was thrown in front of a crowd of any size, I’d freeze solid – and hope the earth would swallow me up.

So, I created this first recording – containing brain-friendly Self-Talk affirmations, all designed to boost my confidence. I listened as I got dressed in the morning. That was all.

Two weeks later, I was a different person.

Something had clicked inside. I became one of the most confident, exuberant, charismatic individuals on the block.

My life turned around – and it was DRAMATIC.

Five years later, I began experimenting with Self-Talk inside our then-small office. I created a Self-Talk session for business success – and played it in the background, while my staff worked away.

Within two months, our self-development business had TREBLED its income.

And it’s all down to changing your Self-Talk.

I've spent my career understanding how to 'upgrade' the brain. The best way is to replace it's programming. You do that by changing your self-talk. And for that, I recommend The Ultimate Self-Talk Series.”
- Michael Masterman, www.geniusmindset.com

Changing Your SELF-TALK is the Most POWERFUL,
Most Life-Changing Technique I’ve EVER Encountered!
That’s Why I’ve Included It In Every One of My Products!

I’ll be honest with you.

Since discovering just how powerful changing your Self-Talk can be, some twenty-five years ago - I’ve incorporated it into every single program I’ve created since.

From Sleep Programming to Instant-Hypnosis, from the NLP Secret to Motivator, from Subliminal Power to The Absolute Secret.

Changing your Self-Talk has been the underlying theme running throughout almost EVERY project I’ve been involved in.


Because, quite simply...

... Changing your Self-Talk is the MOST POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING TECHNIQUE I’ve EVER stumbled across.

No questions – and without a shadow of doubt.

That’s why I’ve spent the past twelve months working on an EXCLUSIVE collection of audio recordings designed purely to change your own Self-Talk. Thousands upon thousands of themed, life-changing affirmations, each designed to quickly change your life.

I'm not talking about Self-Talk disguised as yet another course. I'm talking about pure affirmations, recorded straight onto MP3. It's "programming for the mind." Personal change in its PUREST form.

This is the CORE... The brain-friendly Self-Talk YOU need to change your life around.

It’s taken twelve months to get here, but it’s finally available.

And it can change YOUR life – in as little as two weeks.

Are YOU Ready to Begin Changing Your Own SELF-TALK?
Discover the 8 SECRET Self-Talk Programs I’ve Created –
And How They Can Change Your Life IN JUST 2 WEEKS!

Would YOU like to begin changing your life – by changing your Self-Talk?

I’ve spent the past year creating the eight most POWERFUL Self-Talk recordings in the world, covering the most IMPORTANT areas of life.

These are recordings that can literally turn YOUR life around – in just DAYS.
How do they work?


There are EIGHT core Self-Talk programs, covering everything from achieving amazing wealth to rocketing your confidence. Every program contains THOUSANDS of powerful Self-Talk affirmations, each designed to improve your life and help you achieve your goals.

Each Self-Talk program includes THREE audio recordings: a morning session, a daytime session, and a night session. Simply play each session at different times of the day, when you get chance.

For example, play the morning session as you wake up and get dressed.

If you can, play the daytime session in the background while you work. And play the night session on loop as you fall asleep.

The morning and daytime sessions contain NO background music, so you can listen to them while your regular music plays (if you wish). The night session contains gentle, relaxing music to help you drift off to sleep.

They’re designed to plug STRAIGHT into your lifestyle –

- And the ONLY requirement is that you play at least the morning and night recordings once a day for TWO WEEKS – and that you get READY to see BIG RESULTS!

(That’s right. The daytime recording is entirely optional!)

Most morning recordings last around 15 minutes. Night recordings last around 25 minutes, and can be played on loop. And daytime recordings last around 35 minutes.

Remember the Law of Repetition: the more you play, the greater the results you’ll see.

So – What areas of life do these Self-Talk programs cover?

I am a big advocate of anything which improves the mind. The Ultimate Self-Talk Series has had a dramatic effect on my self-esteem and has undeniably changed my life. I highly recommend you check this out!”
- Hale Carlton, www.meditationprogram.com

Discover the Self-Talk Programs to Change Your LIFE!
Just Play These POWERFUL Recordings Twice a Day –
Enjoy Abundance, Happiness, Love, Confidence + More!

These programs are the most POWERFUL Self-Talk recordings you’ll EVER encounter.

It seems too simple to be true.

But these programs can literally CHANGE your LIFE – in just two quick weeks – forever.

You’ll never regret the day you started changing your own Self-Talk.

Now, I’ve created eight Self-Talk programs designed to cover the most important areas of life. And I’ve brought them all together into one fantastic bundle that I’ve christened...


The Ultimate Self-Talk Series


Inside “The Ultimate Self-Talk Series,” you’ll find the following exciting Self-Talk programs, each designed to change your life – QUICKLY!

Create Absolute HAPPINESS

Create Absolute HAPPINESS!

Bring a SMILE to every second of your day! This Self-Talk session reprograms your mind to embrace life, and uncover a fun-loving individual that feels the full zest of life! You deserve to be fantastically HAPPY – and this session will have joy emanating from the deepest part of you!
Back Pain Relief

Achieve Amazing WEALTH!

Reprogram your mind to enjoy a fantastic relationship with money! NEVER be short of cash ever again – and discover true financial abundance for yourself. This program provides you with genuinely inspiring Self-Talk, helping you to achieve all the WEALTH you require – and more!

Find Magical TRUE LOVE!

Begin enjoying the magical connections that will attract true love into your life! Feel whole, loved, positive and confident each and every day. Watch as you become highly desirable, attractive, SEXY, confident, happy and at ease with yourself. Finding true love has NEVER been this easy!
Creative Thinking

Manifest an ABUNDANT Life!

Enjoy TOTAL abundance in all areas of your life! Begin finding life more magical and satisfying, and discovering the rewards in every experience. Attract more of everything you truly love, and find yourself being more happy with EVERY aspect of your life. Enjoy more true riches from your world!
Effective Public Speaking

Achieve Your ULTIMATE Goals!

Believe in yourself, and program your mind for success in all your life goals! Uncover your true LIFE-PURPOSE, face challenges head on, and achieve everything you want – all while feeling motivated and full of vitality. This Self-Talk session will leave you lifted and bursting with ENERGY!
Goal Setting

Attain Optimum HEALTH!

Become as healthy as you desire! Feel POSITIVE and brimming with energy, and ensure that your mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony. You’ll radiate a healthy glow as your WELL-BEING and immunity increase, and you find yourself growing both healthier and happier in tandem!
Guided Relaxation

Ultimate CAREER Success!

Excel in EVERY area of your work! Whether you work for yourself, or someone else, this Self-Talk session will rocket your career. Become quicker, more intelligent, determined and deserving of awesome success. You’ll feel more worthwhile and begin to enjoy the IMMENSE rewards of your work!
Master Martial Arts


Get ready to become the confident, CHARISMATIC, successful individual you’ve always wanted to be! Believe in yourself on every level, and celebrate your own uniqueness. Listen to this Self-Talk program and find yourself being more courageous, bold, daring and MORE!

These are ALL included inside The Ultimate Self-Talk Series.

And now, for the first time ever – they’re finally available TO YOU.

Uncover NINE and a HALF HOURS of Self-Talk Audio -
And Try It Out TODAY for Our LOWEST EVER Price!
PLUS: Grab Our Bonus Success Guide, Absolutely FREE!

So, are YOU ready to discover The Ultimate Self-Talk Series?

Eight individual, handcrafted Self-Talk programs designed to dramatically change your life – from the inside-out – in as little as TWO WEEKS.

Remember, these recordings are the SOUL of my life’s work. They’re the essence of virtually every Bradley Thompson program you’ll see on the market today.

And this is your ONLY CHANCE to discover these Self-Talk sessions for yourself. Life-changing affirmations in their PUREST possible form, each designed to change your brain programming.

Are YOU ready to try them out for yourself?

Are YOU ready to upgrade your “brain programming”?

Are YOU ready to change your Self-Talk – and, consequentially, change your LIFE?

You can purchase your own, unique copy of The Ultimate Self-Talk Series today for JUST $297!

SPECIAL OFFER: Discounted TODAY to JUST $197!

OFFER: Purchase the ENTIRE Ultimate Self-Talk Series TODAY for just $47!

That’s right.

We’ve NEVER offered the entire package as low as this before – and there’s NEVER been a better time to grab your copy.

The Ultimate Self-Talk Series, the entire program is in digital format that you can access for any device anywhere in the world.

Each Self-Talk program contains an average of 75 minutes of audio – 15 minutes for the morning session, 35 minutes for the daytime session, and 25 minutes for the night session.

In total, you’ll receive over NINE and a HALF HOURS worth of Self-Talk programs – all ready for you to begin using IMMEDIATELY for RAPID CHANGE in your LIFE!

Remember – it takes only TWO WEEKS to begin seeing results – and we even include a FULL SUCCESS GUIDE alongside the programs, to help guide you every step of the way.

But that’s not all.

This is not a question, but feedback. Two weeks ago, I began using your MP3s. I've not looked back. I've become more confident, my business turnover has rocketed, my mind is sharper. It's had a direct effect on my life. Please publish this. Very grateful for your excellent site and Self-Talk MP3s!”
- Ella Ward, Vestaburg, MI 48891

Try Out the ENTIRE Self-Talk Series 100% RISK-FREE!
If You’re Not THRILLED, Return It for a FULL REFUND!

I genuinely believe that The Ultimate Self-Talk Series will make a PROFOUND change in your life.

I’ve seen it before, time and time again – and I know that you’ll be writing to me in a few weeks to provide yet another unsolicited testimonial.

But you first have to make that jump.

To discover for yourself how something SO SIMPLE can make SUCH a difference.

Are you ready to TRY IT for yourself – or would you like to continue with your same, old, TIRED, worn-out “brain programs”?

Are you happy with your existing life, your relationships, your financial situation, your health – or is it time for a CHANGE?

Well, I’d like to make the deal even sweeter for you.

I’d like you to try out the ENTIRE Ultimate Self-Talk Series for a WHOLE THREE MONTHS – absolutely RISK-FREE!

That’s right.

Give the entire package a genuine trial. See if it works for you. I know you’ll be AMAZED by the results you get.

But, if you DON’T see absolutely AWESOME results – or you’re not THRILLED for ANY other reason whatsoever – just send the package back to us, and we’ll refund every cent you paid. (Minus our original S&H.)

There are NO questions asked and NO complex returns procedures.

All we ask is that you try out the package for a whole three months – and return it within four months.

That’s right. We’ll deliver the ENTIRE package direct to your door at absolutely NO extra cost. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Take action NOW – and discover the power of Self-Talk for yourself!

Click on the big blue button to grab YOUR copy of The Ultimate Self-Talk Series:

Yes! Give me The Ultimate Self-Talk Series!

We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Order TODAY!
The ENTIRE Self-Talk Series, The Bonus Success Guide,
FREE 3-Month Guarantee & MORE!

Are you READY to begin the journey of your LIFE?

Remember, The Ultimate Self-Talker Series will act as your personal life trainer.

It will literally rewrite your brain patterns, using the Law of Repetition - ingraining new neural pathways and methods of thinking.

You’ll stop being a slave to your old, infected, INEFFECTIVE ways of working –

- And you’ll find your “brain programs” being AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to the most powerful, most effective, most EXCITING success programs available!

Get ready to enjoy TOTAL success!

So, let’s review what you’ll get when you purchase TODAY:


The ENTIRE Ultimate Self-Talk Series

Distributed in MP3s, you’ll find eight FULL Self-Talk programs, with morning, daytime and night sessions for each. That’s over NINE and a HALF HOURS of MP3 recordings, covering the following programs:
  • Create Absolute HAPPINESS!
  • Achieve Amazing WEALTH!
  • Find Magical TRUE LOVE!
  • Manifest an ABUNDANT Life!
  • Achieve Your ULTIMATE Goals!
  • Attain Optimum HEALTH!
  • Ultimate CAREER Success!
  • Gain Amazing SELF-CONFIDENCE!

The Ultimate Self-Talk Series SUCCESS GUIDE

Confused by Self-Talk? Our Success Guide will guide you through every step of the process, showing you how to achieve total success with ANY of our programs, in just 2 weeks or less!

TRANSCRIPTS from Every Single Self-Talk Program!

Discover PRECISELY what goes in to every Self-Talk program – before you listen to it! These transcripts provide everything you need, for every session, from every program!

FREE Lifetime Support

Our support team are here to assist you 24/7! We’ll give you the contact details for our dedicated support team, who can provide assistance anytime you need it!


Try out the ENTIRE package risk-free for three whole months! If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund every penny you paid!
You simply don’t GET a more confident offer than that!

And all of that delivered to your door for the current special offer price of JUST $47.

Remember, we’ve NEVER offered the entire package at this tiny price before – so TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW.

Grab your copy of The Ultimate Self-Talk Series TODAY – by clicking on this button:

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The Ultimate Self-Talk Series is invaluable! There is no greater service you can do to elevate your self-esteem and improve the quality of every aspect of your life than to manage your negative self-talk.”
- Dr Joe Rubino, www.SelfEsteemSystem.com


Self-Talk is one of the most powerful methods of changing your life.

Quite simply, it’s the most DIRECT method of upgrading the programs your brain uses to run your life.

It can bring you amazing HAPPINESS, fantastic RELATIONSHIPS, outstanding ABUNDANCE, and glowing HEALTH.

Using the proven Law of Repetition, it’ll “reprogram” your brain – in as little as TWO WEEKS, listening just once at morning, and as you go to sleep at night.

It’s POWERFUL – and it can change YOUR life – starting TODAY!

So, don’t miss this chance to discover the power of Self-Talk for yourself.

Click on THIS LINK and grab YOUR copy, RIGHT AWAY!  >>

Yes! Give me The Ultimate Self-Talk Series!

We accept credit cards and PayPal.


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Thank you for your time today.

Best wishes,

Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author
Creator of The Ultimate Self-Talk Series™
Learn more at www.selfhelpstreet.com


PS. Self-Talk can change your life – QUICKLY. It’s the one secret tool I like to keep close to my chest – and gently weave into all of my courses. Now is YOUR chance to own the very best Self-Talk in it's MOST PURE form. Grab YOUR copy of The Ultimate Self-Talk Series today – by clicking here!

PPS. Remember, there has NEVER been a better time to buy this Self-Talk package! We’ve never offered it at such a low price before, and never with so many extras – like the success guide and more. So grab YOUR copy for JUST $47 now – click HERE to take advantage!

PPPS. Buy it – use it – then send it back! That’s right. Even if you already intend to purchase The Ultimate Self-Talk Series, try it out to the max, change your life, then send it right back for a refund... DO IT! This material will amaze you. And you’ve got three full months to play around with it. So CLICK HERE and grab YOUR copy, TODAY!

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